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Dear Cheesemaker,

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Be-St Holland Products b.v. specialises in the supply of cheese moulds of the well known Dutch Kadova® brand.

We offer all available Kadova® cheese mould types: from Baby GoudaGouda, Edam to Loaf cheese, Cylindrical Tomme and St. Paulin types. 

Replacement parts.
We offer all replacement parts for your Kadova® cheese moulds: that is moulds, lids, mould nets and lid nets. 

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Or give us a call on telephone number +31(0)850711 877

The wide port folio of Kadova® offers a cheese mould for practically every cheese!

We trust that our shop fulfils your requirement and offers a place where you can easily and safely purchase the Kadova® cheese moulds that you need for your cheese production.

With kind regards,

Be-St Holland Products B.V.