Todos los moldes para quesos (y recambios) Kadova®  Kadova top quality Cheese Moulds
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Dear Cheesemaker,

Welcome to the site.

The specialises in the supply of products of the well known Dutch Kadova® cheese mould brand.

On our site you will find most of the available Kadova® cheese moulds: from Baby GoudaGouda, Edam to  Loaf cheese and cylindrical Tomme types. 

Replacement parts.
Next to the complete cheese moulds (mould, mould net, lid and lid net) we offer all replacement parts for your Kadova® cheese moulds: moulds, lids and nets. Contact us for more information.
Or give us a call on telephone number +31(0)850711 877

The wide port folio of Kadova® offers a cheese mould for practically every cheese!

We trust that the fulfils your requirement and offers a place where you can easily and safely purchase the Kadova® cheese moulds that you need for your cheese production.

With kind regards,

Be-St Holland Products B.V.